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Software architecture decisions are never of pure technical nature. The short-term investment has to be balanced against the long-term profit.

Wolfgang Weck

Dr. sc. techn., Dipl. Ing. (ETH Zurich)

I am an Independent Software Architect, based in Zurich, Switzerland.

What can I do for you?

Project Management
Using architecture as the tool to divide labor and system complexity among smaller, comprehensible subprojects. Planning and coordinating subprojects and checking their results. Overseeing / moderating the communication and decision processes between product owners and developers.
Software Architecture Design
Defining components, services, and their interfaces. Finding a balance between over-engineering and over-simplification by keeping an eye on the cost-benefit ratio.
Interface Management
Coordinating, consolidating, and checking the technical interfaces between sub-suppliers. A valuable contribution to your quality assurance.
Coaching / Audits of Architecture-Related Processes
Defining development processes ensuring that architectural requirements are collected and evaluated. Triggering explicit decisions. Goal-driven system design. Demonstration of requirement fulfillment by suitably designed tests.
Software-Architecture Review
Analyzing, to what extent an architecture meets the requirements relevant for you. Finding possible improvements.
Architecture Workshops
Moderating the dialog between stakeholders.
Training, Seminars, Talks & Presentations
Professional development of software engineers, programmers, and team leaders.

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